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Happy New Year...

Happy New Year…

I’m naturally an optimist... However, this does not mean I ignore reality... We know that the start of 2021 has been less than ideal. We find ourselves once again in a national lockdown, bizarre global events have taken place, uncertainty is rife, and anxiety levels remain high.

In spite of all that’s going on, I hold tightly to the hope that better is yet to come! This is not the first global pandemic we have seen and overcome. We will overcome! Although life will never be the same again, a time will come when we feel like our liberties have been restored and the stresses and pressures we experience now, will eventually be lifted.

In the interim, I encourage you to stay strong! Let’s keep holding onto hope and the belief that there are brighter days ahead. I am confident that 2021 will still be an exceptional year. Although there is a lot of bad going on, there is still an abundance of good. Let’s focus on what is going right and be grateful for this! Let’s trust that through the challenges, our characters are growing and developing. We are being refined; we are learning about what is truly important to us; and we are evolving and adapting to circumstances.

2021 can be an amazing year for you! Have this expectation and work diligently towards your dreams. Either way…time is still passing. So my question to you is; how will you choose to invest your time this year?

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