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5 Important Reasons why Millennials should be on Charity Boards

I’m currently a trustee for two charities – The Armitage Foundation, a charity I co-founded to increase diversity across UK medical schools; and Anthony Nolan, a medical charity working to save the lives of people with blood cancer.

My interest in charity work began in my late teens and as I reflect on my journey so far, I’m convinced more than ever, about the importance of young people joining charity boards. A young person’s perspective can go a long way in helping charities achieve their objectives and even expand their impact.

Here are 5 reasons why millennials should be on charity boards:

1 - Most organisations recognise and advocate for diversity in relation to gender, disability and race etc. However, diversity of age is also extremely important. Having a millennial on a board can offer new perspectives, contributing to diversity of thought.

2 - Millennials often tend to be more daring in their ideas about what’s possible. This type of innovative thinking can offer organisations strategies and solutions they might have never previously considered.

3 - It offers millennials exposure to how complex organisations work earlier on in their careers. By providing a place for them on boards, you give them the opportunity to further their understanding of strategic business and strategic landscapes, a skill you aren’t often able to develop in the earlier stages of your career.

4 - Half of the world’s population is under 30 years old. As such, the beneficiaries of many charities will inevitably be young people. Millennials will be more in touch with these young people’s experiences and therefore bring valuable insight to the board.

5 - Millennials are the leaders of today and tomorrow! A crucial component of leadership is being able to effectively manage relationships. By including millennials on boards, you provide an opportunity for them to further develop the interpersonal skills needed to effectively lead people and organisations.

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