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Did you know there is a book inside of you?

I believe we all have a book inside of us and this year, I am choosing to release mine!

Life offers us a wealth of experience through the good, the bad, and the ugly situations we encounter. When you can take time to pause and reflect on these experiences, you’ll often be surprised by just how much you’ve learnt. These life-lessons and experiences offer us content which can be translated into a book. I remember once listening to a speaker describe a book he had written as “18 years of his experience digestible in a couple of hours”. His words left an imprint in my mind by capturing the essence of the hidden treasure that lay in books.

As well providing a fountain of knowledge, or an expression of creativity, books offer a legacy. They’re a time point of your experience and an expression of your unique character, which will remain long after you’ve gone. A book is a gift you can leave with the world, an offering of your knowledge and wisdom that others can benefit from.

So why have I decided to write a book now?

From the age of 17 I have always had the desire to write a book. Back then I didn’t have much clarity over what the content of my book would be, besides wanting to share my story as a source of inspiration for others. More recently, and with the encouragement of my sister, I have felt like now is the right time to turn this dream into a reality. My book, which will be called “The Power of A Dream”, will share my story of how I transformed my vision for life into a reality. It will share the spectacular surprises I have encountered along the way, as well as 7 principles that you can apply to help you in pursuit of your own dream. It will take you on an adventurous journey with the hope of empowering you to not only believe your dreams are possible, but to chase them with all of your heart this 2022!

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