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The Bamboo Tree

In a world that is advancing so rapidly, the virtue of patience is often disregarded. However, there are some things in life for which a shortcut simply does not exist! The Chinese Bamboo tree is a beautiful representation of this truth.

Despite being nurtured and provided with all that it needs for its development, the first four years of a Bamboo tree's life show no signs of growth. However, in its fifth year of life, it suddently grows to reach heights of up to 90 feet in the space of five weeks! In the preceding four years when it appeared as though nothing were happening, the Chinese Bamboo tree was growing the deep roots necessary to sustain the great heights it was destined to reach.

Sometimes we may feel like our life has become stagnant... despite our consistent efforts we can see no real change. Do not be discouraged, continue to persevere and develop your strong foundation. Strong roots are necessary to sustain great heights and this, my friend, does not happen over night, it takes time, it requires patience.

"Change is a continuous process. You cannot assess it with the static yardstick of a limited time frame. When a seed is sown into the ground, you cannot immediately see the plant. You have to be patient. With time, it grows into a large tree. And then the flowers bloom, and only then can the fruits be plucked."

- Mamata Banerjee

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